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Below are examples of my past work.


Fair warning: I haven't designed since 2012, so the examples under "Graphic & Digital Design" are very mid-to-late 2000. I did this work as the art director for a creative agency, and trust me, all our clients during my five-plus years there were very happy with my deliverables (except one, but I won't go into that).

The key things are that I designed beautfully and professionally for the time period and I have the testimonials to back up the success I had at this agency...and other jobs for that matter. (✿◠‿◠)

P.S.: Please note that the CSS bootcamp code examples are CodePens I created to accompany an internal CSS bootcamp I conducted at Zoosk.

Sue Anna Joe has repeatedly displayed an exceptional level of talent for web and print design. Her work ethic, consistency, and the timeliness of her work left me impressed on multiple occasions. Further, Sue possesses technical abilities that are not often present in Creative and Design specialists. I would recommend Sue for any position in which she would be able to leverage her creative and technical talents. Sue Anna Joe is one of the best Creative Media professionals I have ever worked with.

Photo of Zach Farnham
Zach Farnham
Technology Architect and Developer

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