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Pet Projects

February 20, 2023

Canto Bingo

Only my mom can blame herself for all this.

I come from a Cantonese-speaking family, and I hear them gossiping on the phone a lot. Many phrases get repeated over and over again, both in the same phone call or in separate conversations with different people. I compiled a list of these phrases and made a bingo card full of them.

This project was a way to practice JavaScript and think more like a programmer. It's also a way to make fun of my relatives. If you don't know Cantonese, find someone who does and show this to them.

Please note that on mobile devices, CodePen doesn't allow scripting that refreshes the page, though I tried to add that to the button element that appears after you win a game.

And, with this being a practice project, I didn't make the CSS perfect. I just put together something quickly. I normally don't use element selectors exclusively in my CSS like I did here.