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I’m a CSS and HTML ace with experience in designing websites and branding.

I started out in this business as a freelance designer and taught myself CSS and HTML to build the websites I designed for my clients.

Why hire me?

  1. You suck at CSS.
  2. You hate CSS.
  3. You don't have time for CSS.
  4. All of the above

Luckily for you, I love CSS. I do damn good work, and I give a damn about the projects I'm responsible for and people I work with. It all comes down to integrity. You can train someone to be really good at coding or whatever, but you can't teach them accountability, commitment, or teamwork.

We have worked with Sue several times and each time the outcome was fantastic. She is a talented graphic designer, with great communication skills, who can get the job done, on time! It was always a pleasure to work with her.

Photo of Tracy Sigler
Tracy Sigler
CEO, Endgame 360

/* TODO */ But don't take my word for it. Read what others say on my LinkedIn testimonies section.

Today's UI demands need my expert CSS skills

The following list highlights my coding strengths:

  • Fluid/responsive UIs
  • Adaptive UIs
  • CSS animations and transitions
  • Accessibility

How I do my CSS

  • Sass with a preference for SCSS
  • A naming convention that combines BEM, SMACSS, and atomic approaches
  • Creation of patterns for reusability and consistent visuals

/* TODO */ Look under the hood of this site for a taste of my code or inspect samples from my other projects.

What about JavaScript?

Weeeeeeell...I suck at JavaScript.

About 11 years ago I became interested in it. I tried several online tutorials, but none of them stuck with me. Since then I have dabbled in JavaScript to get better at it, but I'm still at a beginner's-plus level.

I'm open to learning more, but I don't have much interest in becoming a JavaScript expert. What I do enjoy is using JavaScript with CSS to enhance UIs. If designed and executed well, JavaScript and CSS can increase the user's enjoyment of a UI without being intrusive or annoying.

/* TODO */ Feel free to review the JavaScript I wrote for this site. If we connect, you can tell me how much it sucks. I'd love a chance to talk shop and learn from my mistakes.

Companies I've worked for

I've experienced all kinds of business cultures. Here's the gist:

  • A global online dating company
  • A Fortune 500 retailer
  • A locally owned data center and cloud services company
  • A small creative agency where the staff count ranged anywhere from two to 14 people

/* TODO */ See my résumé for specifics.

Did I convince you to hire me?

If not, how about a three-minute, no-commitment phone call to see if you at least like my voice? Send me a connection request or message on LinkedIn, and we can start a conversation (if you don't seem like a weirdo).

Thanks for checking this out.